Technical support
Technical support

We provide new automated production lines and transformation services for existing ones, integrated engineering services for welding lines,mainstream robotics technology application services. From installation to debugging, from functional development to system upgrade, we provide all support to maximize your equipment utilization.


Put in service

Support from experienced engineers In all steps of the equipment operation, from the first installation to the effective automation.


We do provide hardware and software upgrades to help customers with flexible program adaptation and modification.

Onsite service

Professional debug and commissioning team, accurate programming, in order to ensure the most efficient use of the equipment.

Production support

Customer onsite maintenance and troubleshooting support from SOP to machine operation optimization.


Repair / Maintenance

Maximal utilization of the equipment thanks to our preventive maintenance policies.

Spare parts supply

Due to the use of standard spare parts that are widely supplied on the market, HuaYu equipments, combined with its modular structure, can guarantee a quick replacement. On the other hand we have a reliable procurement management system and a stable high-end partners.Professional components selection and various channels, allows us toreduce costs and optimize the procurement and logistics cycle.

After sales service

After-sales service and remote diagnosis by expert technicians.

Reply within one hour for remote problem troubleshooting, if the problem is still not solved, our service engineer will be on site within 24 hours.


Project management

Equipment suppliers must guarantee on time deivery, quality, cost optimization, service, and development. Our way to provide all this items we do implement the project management as the key figure:project schedule, process control, follow-up meetings, purchasing components management, production controlling and support, assembly and commissioning, quality control, and project cost control.


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